Two Soldiers, a Mohammedan and a Christian, are waking up in a room. Their freedom of movement is very restricted, because both are chained on feet and hands.
The length of the chain is preventing them from going at each other's throats, so they wage war verbally through insult and defamation.They each lay exhausted on their sides after every battle.
At one point both start to think:
How did they get into the room?
What sort of room is this? Because of being in the same situation, they discover commonalities and the reason for their stay in this room.

Tobias Licht (Christian)
- Character Chris
Between the lines has been an unbelievably intense and emotional journey in a very short time. Committing
fully to the ambitious script and the idea the producers Slavko and Slavica Spionjak had in mind was a huge challenge and a big pleasure, although painful as well. We understood how traumatizing the experiences must have been for this family during the war in former Yugoslavia. It was an honor that they thought we, Burak and me, could be capable of telling this very delicate story so dear to them. It was thrilling to see how fast we all got absorbed by the dark ambiance in that cellar. But there was always a feeling of hope though. Realizing that it doesn't take much to make a good movie, not money nor time, but only a good story, made me very happy and proud and reminded me of why I always wanted to be an actor:  To tell stories.
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Burak Akkoyun (Mohammedan)
- Character Ali
It was a great honor for me when the Spionjaks approached me with BTL and offered me the role.
Of course it is always a consideration, how a person of contemporary approaches history.
The interpretive task in every cinematic moment lies in the fact itself for the character to identify
with it! I was lucky to fall in love with that character form the very first moment and the regarding
history made me feel very emotional in my soul.

Slavko Spionjak
- Storry and script
- Producer
- Director

Rita Fichtl-Spionjak
- Storry and script
- Co-Producer
- Director

Slavica Spionjak
- Storry and script
- Producers
- Director
Ever since the war in our home of Croatia, we have thought about what would happen if two hate
driven soldiers of different religion would be locked in a room together? Hurting each other or leaving
the room would not be an option.
The only thing they could do is TALK to one another.
Would they be able to let the hatred go and recognize their common ground?
Would they see, that there is no higher power propelling us to war but ourselves?
Would they realize killing only fans the flames of hate and brings no peace?
Would they accept victims of war are mostly children and the weak, who never wanted war but nobody
asked them?
It is our hope that there will be sense and reason.

Zachary Hadden
- Execute Producer
"Between the Lines" far exceeded my expectation. This has turned out to be one of the most brilliantly moving, life altering, unforgettable action dramas I've seen in a long time. It's message of tolerance could not come at a better time or place. The world has no idea what's in store for them. Thank you for allowing me to be a part.

Contact USA and North America:

Zachary Hadden
Rodeo Queen Productions
Phone: 0019186450072

Konrad Hollenstein
- Execute Producer
- Creative Consultant
I was taken in by the script almost instantly. This is a story that needs to be told, that needs
to be out there. It will change the way we see things, understand and treat each other.
A big thank you to the Spionjaks to make this happen, I cannot think of a better team then Slavica/Slavko, Zachary and me!

Contact Europe

Konrad Hollenstein
Phone: [+49] 171 31 90 264
Nic Mussel
Director of photography
Anto Spiionjak
Ante Curic
Benedict Blaas
Carolin Bahr
- Sound recordist
Trevor Coleman
- Composer
Sanja Parmac
- Actor,
Song "Between the Lines"
Reiner Metz
- Arrmorer